Aims and Scope

International Research Journal of Advanced Science (IRJAS) is committed to publish innovative and high quality original research and review articles in the field of chemistry, physics and biology. Through open access publishing, our aim is to bring research and knowledge to the widest possible audience. IRJAS encourages academics, researchers and scholars to submit original research and review articles with special focus on the following fields/subjects: 

Analytical chemistry, Biochemistry, Inorganic chemistry, Materials, Nuclear chemistry, Physical chemistry, Neurochemistry, Organic chemistry, Nano chemistry, Applied chemistry, Structural chemistry, Industrial chemistry, Agricultural & soil chemistry, Polymer chemistry, Environmental chemistry, Medicinal chemistry, Petroleum chemistry, Forensic chemistry, Phytochemistry, Macromolecular chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry.

Astrophysics & geophysics, Biophysics, Condensed matter physics, Medical physics, Optics & photonics, Solid state physics, Space physics, Interdisciplinary physics, Materials sciences and technology, Plasma Physics, Nuclear physics.

Botany, Zoology, Cell biology, Ecology, Microbiology, Genetics, Physiology, Hydrobiology, Neurobiology, Developmental biology, Biochemistry & structural biology, Molecular biology.