Biological fertilizers and their role in plant growth


  • Haifaa Abass Hussein College of Agriculture, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq


Bio-fertilizers, Agriculture techniques, Microorganisms, Environment


The demand for food is increasing all over the world as a result of the massive population increase. Therefore, the countries of the world including Iraq are considered to be consumers of chemical fertilizers, in proportion to the cultivated areas. Especially, the nitrogenous fertilizers are a result of the bad effects of irrational use of these fertilizers. The world today has turned toward clean agricultural technologies or sustainable agriculture in order to reduce pollution by using natural materials instead of traditional fertilizers such as fertilizers and biological fertilizers. That works and helps to increase food production for both humans and animals, this trend is toward the use of natural materials in the composting process, and it is considered one of the clean or sustainable agriculture techniques through which production can be increased in quantity and quality.


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