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Limited en-US International Research Journal of Advanced Science 2788-922X Pattern and contribution of some fruits and vegetables consumption to academic performance among students of YUSUF MAITAMA SULE UNIVERSITY KANO STATE, NIGERIA <p>University is a vulnerable period of the life course with regard to nutrition because of the increasing independence of students from parents and nutrition is one of the most important factors that may affect brain development and therefore academic performance. The present study reports on the contribution of some fruits and vegetables intake to academic performance among university students. Questionnaires were administered to the participants and the frequently consumed fruit and vegetable which are orange (<em>Citrus sinensis</em>) and tomato (<em>Solanum lycopersicum L</em>.) respectively were selected and various analytical test such as mineral element, phytochemical and vitamins analyses were carried out on the selected samples. The level of minerals found in the samples is low. Other chemical analyses are quite satisfactorily to the study. The relationship between fruits and vegetables intake with academic performance was analyzed. The correlation coefficient between fruit intake by male student and academic performance was found to be 0.993 (p = 0.007).</p> <p>The correlation coefficient between BMI of male students and academic performance was found to be 0.937 (p = 0.227). The correlation coefficient between male vegetable intake and their academic performance was 0.112 at p = 0.888. The correlation coefficient between female fruit and vegetable intake and their academic performance was also found to be 0.501 and 0.025 at p values of 0.449 and 0.975 respectively. The correlation coefficient between female body mass index and academic performance was 0.707 at p = 0.5. The results from the correlational analysis show that there was no correlation between fruits and vegetables intake among male and female students and their academic performance among the studied population except for the male fruit intake and their academic performance where the correlation is strongly positive. The findings of this study show that fruits and vegetables has low percentage contribution to academic performance among the studied population, is suggestive that there is more to academic performance than fruit and vegetable intake only among university students.</p> Abdulbariu Omeiza Muhammed Aisha M. Gadanya Salawudeen Shuaibu Omeiza Salisu Maiwada Abubakar Copyright (c) 2021 Abdulbariu Omeiza Muhammed, Aisha M. Gadanya, Salawudeen Shuaibu Omeiza, Salisu Maiwada Abubakar 2021-01-19 2021-01-19 2 1 1 9 Biological fertilizers and their role in plant growth <p>The demand for food is increasing all over the world as a result of the massive population increase. Therefore, the countries of the world including Iraq are considered to be consumers of chemical fertilizers, in proportion to the cultivated areas. Especially, the nitrogenous fertilizers are a result of the bad effects of irrational use of these fertilizers. The world today has turned toward clean agricultural technologies or sustainable agriculture in order to reduce pollution by using natural materials instead of traditional fertilizers such as fertilizers and biological fertilizers. That works and helps to increase food production for both humans and animals, this trend is toward the use of natural materials in the composting process, and it is considered one of the clean or sustainable agriculture techniques through which production can be increased in quantity and quality.</p> Haifaa Abass Hussein Copyright (c) 2021 Authors 2021-04-28 2021-04-28 2 1 17 20 Species composition and diversity: baseline for tree conservation at Laguna State Polytechnic University, San Pablo, Philippines <p>The establishment and maintenance of urban forests are one of the most brilliant solutions in addressing biodiversity loss. Tree species help in providing green spaces in urban and populated areas. Assessing the tree diversity of an area can yield vital baseline information for the conservation and protection of the area. The assessment of trees in Laguna State Polytechnic University San Pablo City Campus showed a very low diversity (Shannon = 1.705). A total of 15 morphospecies with 295 individuals were found. The campus was found to be dominated by an invasive alien species, Swietenia macrophylla King with 131 individuals. Despite the dominance of an invasive species, the area was still home to 9 indigenous and endemic species, and 11 threatened species posing the need for conservation and protection of the area. Conservation and protection measures include improvement of diversity, addressing invasion, and protecting the ecologically important species.</p> Ericson Coracero Harvey Urriza Parker Gino Foster Copyright (c) 2021 Ericson Coracero, Harvey Urriza, Parker Gino Foster 2021-03-05 2021-03-05 2 1 10 16